Modify Thunderbird Settings using Logon Scripts

Last time with VBScript, I swear it…

While working at UVM on their Exchange 2016 deployment, we came across an interesting environmental anomaly (UVM has lots of those). The popular Thunderbird IMAP mail client installer had been customized by someone (*cough*) to handle various local environment quirks in the UW IMAP server deployment. Once of these was the use of a “mailbox path prefix” variable. When UVM migrated to Dovecot IMAP many years back now, this setting became obsolete, but I, er, I mean *someone* never removed this setting from the custom T-bird installer. Surprisingly, it appears that thousands of users in the environment have the IMAP path prefix setting defined. I guess people really loved that custom Thunderbird installer?

Smug satisfaction with the success of *someone’s* mail client installer evaporated quickly when migrating Thunderbird users to Exchange. Why? As it turns out, this setting unexpectedly causes Thunderbird to point to a non-existent mailbox folder, and thus gives the impression that the Exchange migration had resulted in the deletion of all IMAP server folders. Gah!

It took me only an hour or two to figure out how to fix this problem using PowerShell, but I then discovered that it was not really practical to package PowerShell scripts for execution on non-domain-joined computers. Why?

  1. By default, PowerShell does not allow execution of scripts on new non-domain-joined Windows computers. But even if you could work around that problem…
  2. PowerShell will not trust code signatures unless they explicitly were imported into the “Trusted Publishers” branch of the user’s certificate store.

So, PowerShell is not going to be of overly much use to me today, since we want this script to run on-demand in addition to as a logon script. It really would be nice if I could have taken the time to learn C#, C++, Visual Basic, or some other “real” programming language, wouldn’t it? Because now I have to fall back on VBScript again.

Last time… Last time…

The script below will detect the “mail/” IMAP path prefix and delete it if present. It also will set the server polling interval to 10 minutes if set longer than 10 (29 was the default previously, which does not work well with Exchange IMAP). If Thunderbird is running, the user will be prompted to restart their mail client:


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