Migrating to the SCCM UDI for OSD, Part 2b: Driver Handling (continued)

Continued from part 2a:

So, after importing the drivers, we needed an automated method of updating our task sequences so that the drivers can be injected. Words cannot describe the frustration that I felt while dealing with WMI, PowerShell, and the so-called SCCM SDK reference on Task Sequences:
Let’s just leave it at “it was painful”.

A few days of heads-down programming yielded code that could create a task sequence that contained the necessary driver injection task sequence steps. Another day and a half of coding later, I now am able to update an existing task sequence to contain the driver injection step. The code must be run directly on your SCCM management point:

In order for this code to function, you will need the UVM-ConfigurationManager.psm1 powershell module. This module is just a function library written in plain PowerShell. The contents of this module will be shown in a continuation of this post…

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