MDT 2010 – Driver store rebuild and update

I spent the last few days fixing Lite Touch deployment problems. No change management in our workbench = disaster. Anyway, a few tidbits I picked up while working on repairs:

  1. Dell deployment CAB files… thank you Dell! I had forgotten about these, and they were an absolute sanity saver. Now if only they would get the latest “speciality” laptop drivers into CABS, too, and publish that promised “Legacy Laptop” XP driver pack…
  2. MDT 2010 Update 1 is in beta. Good stuff… introduces the ability to detect drivers that claim to have dual x86/x64 support, but don’t actually support both platforms. It also has the ability to detect when a LiteTouch task sequence is not supposed to be booted into WinPE, and lets the user know before the whole deployment task gets fubared.
  3. Driver groups and selection profiles… use them. They are a good thing. Put all your drivers in one big group at your peril. If anything goes wrong, you likely will never recover from the situation.
  4. Deployment of XP to VMware Workstation…
    • I was getting the dreaded “7B” stop error on inital boot after text-mode setup. after much hair pulling I discovered this was a result of a mismatch between workbench drivers and the drivers that ship with XP SP3.
    • To fix… remove the “vmscsi” drivers from the Deployment Workbench, and rebuild media.
    • Conclusion… XP drivers suck. XP setup sucks. Troubleshooting XP setup sucks even worse. I hate XP. Step away from the XP.