At the Chipotle Grill, Pittsburgh

On a drinking cup:


Chips are RAD! Chips might seem
so little, so inconsequential… but what if we didn’t have chips, HOW WOULD WE EAT SALSA? WITH A SPOON??? And then what would make salsa different than SOUP? And would people want to put soup on their burritos? That would be weird. I don’t mean to judge, but I think most people would rather NOT PUT SOUP ON THEIR BURRITOS. And don’t even get me started on how chips can move guacamole. OH SWEET GUACAMOLE. The tiny, lowly underappreciated chip is the salty triangle delivery method that surpasses all others in guacamole transport. If there were a chip appreciation society, I would probably join it (as long as they didn’t meet on Wednesday nights, because I have my ceramics class on Wednesday nights, and next week I’m making a bowl) But on any other night, I would be happy to meet up with folks and talk about how AWESOME CHIPS ARE. Actually, if no one else is going to start a society, I might have to get on that…