(Not) Implementing MSIT Site Life Cycle Management

I had a look at implementing MS IT Site Life Cycle Management as an alternative to AvePoint products, or the previously blogged-about MS IT Site Delete Capture utility:


Unfortunately, this product just is not going to work for us.  It is possible that we could wrangle it into shape with enough time, and an ability/desire to check the code out of codeplex and patch it up.  However, I just can’t bring myself to deal with it.  Here are some problems that I encountered:

  1. The utility has not been tested or developed to work on the Server 2008 platform.  The directions are written with Server 2003 as a reference platform, and tell you do do things like “create a virtual directory” when what they really want you to do is to create an application in your IIS App Pool.  I could live with this but…
  2. The tool does not work on Server 2003 either, at least, not when using WSS 3.0 Service Pack 2.  The web.config file in the LCMWeb directory references an assembly in the GAC named “Microsoft.Internal.MIME”, with the version  Guess what?  That assembly was upgraded with Service Pack to to version 8.0.681.0.  But even after updating the web.config file to the new version, I still get errors when attempting to load the LCMWebConfig.aspx page.  humph.

Essentially, this tool is not supported, and ,to make matters worse, it is not being maintained.  I really would hate to spend time beating it into shape only to have the damn thing break when the next service pack or release of WSS comes out.