Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – To Do Items

MDT looks to be gaining a lot of usage, which is good from my perspective as it means more brains with whom to share ideas.

Here are a few ideas I have been considering for addition to our MDT Workbench:

  • Use the MDT Wizard Editor to add a page for whole-system backup.  This functionality has been requested by our College of Medicine IT Staff.
  • Implement the “Roles Wizard” solution to allow Distributed IT staff the ability to select MSD database roles for their system.
    • This will require that I farm out data writer rights to the MSD database, too.
  • Move all online versions of the MDT Distribution Points to our NetApp network storage and activate de-duplication features… this should keep the whole bloated thing much more trim.
  • Create Model Aliases for Apple computers.  This will be helpful as we gear up for BootCamp support.
  • Finish my own disk paritioning script to add support for BootCamp, and to preserve OEM utility partitions.
  • Integrate all current Dell Driver CABs… figure out if there are notifications available for these.
  • Move “sensitive” application installers into a single central distribution share and secure them.  Do not replicate these installers to secondary distribution points.
  • Implement “media” based deployment points to allow high-speed deployment from low-speed networks.

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