OpsMgr Severity/Priority Levels: “What ‘IS’ is.”

When working with OpsMgr overrides, I am always forgetting the mappings between alert severities and their corresponding numeric values in the database.  It is important to keep this straight, because if you set your overrides incorrectly, you risk either suppressing all notification for an alert, or even worse… increasing the number of notifications that you receive!

Marius provide the following mapping info in his fine blog on MSDN:


Alert Severity – Its corresponding integer value

Critical – 2
Warning – 1
Information – 0

Alert Priority – Its corresponding integer value

High – 2
Medium – 1
Low – 0

Read more here:


So remember, when downgrading an alert from "Critical" to "Warning", change in from "Severity 2" to "Severity 1".  "Severity 3" will just cause more paging… TWTTTTH!


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