iSCSI block device migraiton plan for NetApp filer

If you have a NetApp, and you ever need a plan for migrating your iSCSI block devices from one filer head to another, here is a step by step:

  1. Stop services on your iSCSI initiator host that may be writing to your lun to be migrated.
  2. Refresh your target lun from source using snapmirror:
    snapmirror update <target>
  3. Break your snapmirror relationship to prevent further writes to the new production lun:
    snapmirror break <target>
  4. edit /etc/snapmirror.conf, remove the entry for your broken snapmirror target.
  5. stop any remaining services on source server that rely on iSCSI storage
  6. stop iSCSI initiator service
  7. Upgrade MS iSCSI initiator to current version (at this time, v2.0.5
  8. Unmap your original lun on the source filer:
    lun unmap <source lun>
    (NOTE: “lun show -m” can be useful for displaying existing map relationships)
  9. Map your new lun to an iSCSI initiator group that contains your host:
    Map lun map <target lun> <target iSCSI group>
    (NOTE:  You can use igroup create -i -t windows <iSCSI group> and igroup add <initiator ID> <iSCSI group> to define the “iGroup” used in this command.  The initiator ID can be read from the poperties of the MS iSCSI Initiator Control panel.)
  10. start the iSCSI service
  11. log in to the new iSCSI targer, bind lun
  12. restart services

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