New Windows Software for Back-to-School

There are several changes in the after-market software provided on the Back-to-School systems sold by the Microcomputer Computer Depot this year.  All of these new programs are available for download at the UVM Software Archive.  Here is a quick run-down on the most significant changes:

New Software:

  • WinSCP / PuTTY:
    The venerable “SSH Communications Security” SSH/SFTP client provided on Depot systems in the past has not received an update since 2004.  As a replacement we will be using “WinSCP” (a graphical SFTP/FTP/SCP file transfer client) and “PuTTY” (a simple SSH console program).  Both are well-regarded, active Open Source applications.
  • Pidgin:
    Pidgin is the free, Open Source instant messaging program formerly known as “GAIM”.  It replaces the commercial instant messaging program “AIM”, and has the advantage of being spyware and adware free.
  • UVM Wallpaper Pack 2007:
    Our first annual (?) wallpaper pack is included on all new systems.  This is a collection of 20 regular and wide-screen formatted images from around the UVM campus.  These images are integrated into the “Desktop Background” control panel on Vista.
  • AVG AntiVirus:
    Owing to several significant bugs in the Symantec AntiVirus software used in the past, new student systems will ship with “AVG AntiVirus Free Edition”.  This is a temporary arrangement while replacement AntiVirus package is identified.  Because of restrictions on “corporate” use, this software will not be made available at the UVM Software Archive, and its use on University-owned systems is prohibited.

Removed Software:

In the interest of maintaining leaner, more stable base systems, the following applications will not be included on new computers:

  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • Apple iTunes/QuickTime (not supported on Vista at the time of image development)
  • DivX Codec
  • Oracle Calendar (Still available on Faculty/Staff systems)
  • Nullsoft Winamp (No longer maintained
  • RealPlayer
  • SSH Communications Security SSH

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