New Site for OS Deployment Information

In working on implementing the MS BDD 2007 “LiteTouch” deployment system, I have needed to generate a ton of documentation. Rather than blog it all here, I have created a new Sharepoint team site. This allows for better organization of structured data, and for distributed editing of content.

Read all about our BDD infrastructure, LiteTouch system, Application installation scripts, and OS patching methodology here:


VMWare “BootRun” Service hangs on ESX Guests

I have been getting intermittant errors on Server 2003 systems that we have deployed on our ESX servers:
“The Virtual BootRun Service failed to start”.

Apparently this service is called during deployment of a VM Guest from a template, and is not needed after deployment:

Ass I had to do was run:

c:WINDOWSvmware_imcbootrun -unregserver