VMWare Virtual Infrastructure 3 and IBM Director

Here are some links and notes regarding configuring VI 3 for use with IBM Director 5.10:

Good IBM Redbook on VI 3 and Director 5.10:

More official guide to using ESX 2.5 with Director:

Several management methods are available for ESX hosts. The Redbook focuses on using the Director Agent for Linux. The apparent reason for this are:

  • Support for hardware alerting though the agent is becomming available with ESX3. This was not the case with ESX2.5, so the agent did not do much for you.
  • “Level 0” agents are managed though SSH. Under ESX 3, root login is not allowed via SSH, The linux agent relies on root access, so this agentless management method no longer works.
  • SNMP is the only other management method, and who wants to go there?