Live from TechEd 2006


Anyway, here we are at the TechEd conference 2006… my first major geek convention. Free backpacks, giveaways, freebies, and MS TechEd 2006 water bottles. Actually, I am pretty excited.

I am waiting for the “Scripting for IT Pros who can’t write code” class to begin. Speaker is Corey J. Hynes of HynesITe, Inc.

First interesting thing… the PPT slides on the screen were loaded from a desktop that was labeled “PPT Server”. Is there such a thing? Perhaps that is something we should look into for Professors and Execs. If nothing else, we could easily sell Sharepoint as a PPT server as an initial justification.

Note: It was a link to a Sharepoint Document Library, duh. I guess it had not occured to me how convenient Sharepoint would be from a presenter’s perspective.

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