Ximage success

I finally was able to generate an image of my Win2k3 VMWare reference system using Ximage (soon to be renamed “ImageX”).

In the past I had many problems, although not strictly related to the utility itself:

  • Networking in VMWare workstation for the WinPE 2.0 beta in the Vista AIK will not function! Apparently this is a driver issue. There is a bug registered in the Vista beta program, but I never did follow up on it.
  • Networking in WinPE 1.5 did work, roughly speaking, but getting it all to function was like pulling teeth. WinPE 1.x kinda bites (not very user friendly)
  • BartPE networking works great! Unfortunately, getting the “C:” drive to mount on my VMware Workstation instance was a bit more difficult. Some forum hopping revealed that others who attempt to use Server 2003 SP1 as the source for the WinPE build also have this problem. By changing the source to Server 2003 RTM, I am now able to mount the C: drive, and thus run XImage.exe.

XImage throughput was comperable to Ghost 8, and achieved almost identical compression ratios. CLI syntax is pretty straightforward. I think we have a winner…

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