Redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS in IIS

What a pain… I shore up security in IIS I reallly will need to redirect all traffic on sharepoint to HTTPS connections. It is easy to turn on SSL, but harder to automatically redirect traffic. There are many approaches to this problem, which take the form of two basic solutions:

  • Client side redirection
  • Server side redirection

With the first approach, we direct the client to a custom error page that tells the browser to reconnect to the same URI, but with an HTTPS protocol. This can be done with javascript or .asp. Either way, the disadvantage is that form and query data likely will be lost in the dedirect. At least with the Javascript approach, you lose browse ability from MS Office applications as well.

The second approach will rewrite the URL at the server, thus preserving all URL data such as form and query info. However, this approach requires custom code to be added to IIS in the form of either an ISAPI filter or web service extension. These add-on programs frequently have conflicts with the STSFLTR (Sharepoint ISAPI filter).

I have tried a lot of junk… here are some links:
– General how-to on using .asp custom error pages for client side redirect… includes security configuration details, but lacks specific syntax.
– A powerful ASP.NET module to be added to your site config files. This allows per-directory auto-SSL redirection. Looks promising, but it is too much for my feeble mind to precess at present.
– Another ASP redirect script.
Note that in the feedback on this page is some excellent Javascript to accomplish client side redirection… I think this is the solution I will have to go with.

I also have tried (extensively) several ISAPI filters which emulate the Apache “mod_rewrite”. This filters work great on other IIS web sites, but not with Sharepoint… GRRRR!