Fixing the RIS image store

Our server “SYSIMG1” just does not seem to want to take on its new role of replacement RIS server. I guess it just liked being a NetWare box and resents its lot in life.

Robocopy of the image library from \risprimereminst is consistently a failure. I run out of drive space every time, and the Gorveler never frees up enough drive space to resume copy operations.

I followed MS advice from the KB and have tried using our backup software (Legato) to restore the whole image partition to SYSIMG1 from RISPRIME. This generally caused BSOD errors on SYSIMG1. This particular problem cleared up after I patched the iSCSI initiator from v2.0.0 to v2.0.1, set the “lanmanserver” “binlsvc” (RIS Service) and “groveler” services to be dependent on “MSiSCSI” (the iSCSI initiator service), and also disabled a misconfigured secondary NIC on the server. Now I can restore the RISPRIME volume, but the groveler does not want to start.

So, I seem to have fixed that problem by “repairing” the SIS database on the volume… (where repair=deleted the damn thing, and let the Groveler start over). The article in question is here:;en-us;247611

And here is the key information:
The SIS Groveler service database is stored in the hidden folder named SIS Common Store on each SIS managed volume. To rebuild the Groveler service database, follow these steps:
1. Stop the Single Instance Storage Groveler service.
2. Make a backup copy of the SIS Common Store folder contents to an alternate location.
3. After a backup copy of the folder contents have been made, remove all the database files in the SIS Common Store folder EXCEPT for the *.SIS and the MAXINDEX files.
4. Restart the Single Instance Storage Groveler service.

NOTE: I had to run RISetup prior to successful restart of the Groveler. All of the configuration settings for the groveler are set by RISetup. Once this is done, the gorveler restarts, and a new .mdb gets generated in the SIS directory.