SAV release, and install script updates

I made some more changes to the script and installer package:

– Decided to converge on the “Administative Install” method for wrapping the patches into the installer. This prevents the installed SAV instance from interfering with the patch portion of the install script. Features like “autoprotect” were preventing “msiexec /p” from working. Also, msiexec /p seems just plain unpredictable if the system has not been rebooted. I just don’t feel like injecting actions into the “RunOnce” registry key, or attempting to force a reboot.

– Added “AUTOPROTECT=OFF” to the msi options portion of the setup.exe line in the install script. This will prevent the SAV autoprotect from giving us grief while installation completes.

– Used WinRAR options to extract archive files to a specified directory: %SystemDrive%SAVInst.
(this will cause a local cache of the install files to be maintained on the system)
(NOTE: We may wish to add a script line to delete the contents of this archive on reinstall)

– Mod the setup.ini file to contain a higher version number for the product being installed than the default (this should allow the setup.exe to install over existing SAV10 installs)

– Added an error logging option to the MSI options portion of the setup.exe line in the script (-le %SystemDrive%SAVInstinstall.err)

– Prefixed the setup.exe line with %SystemDriveSAVinst to force run out of the directory created by the WinRAR extractor.