Disabling computer account creation in RIS

It would be nice if we had the option to deploy RIS-based images as either domain-joined or free-standing systems. As it stands, default configuration forces all imaged systems to have a pre-staged computer account. Since most imaging jobs are scheduled for eventual deletion, we run into a real problem with computer that we want to keep joined.

One possible work-around is to change the “Image Type” variable associated with the image (I believe this info is located in the .SIF file. I tried this once before when attempting to generate a bootable WinPE instance on our RIS server… I think it worked for WinPE, but I am not sure if it will work for standard images. It is worth a shot. Details taken from:
Here is the text of the newsgroup posting:

Normally, you would modify the RISSTNRD.SIF file for that Windows PE image
to change the “ImageType” entry from “ImageType=Flat” to “ImageType=WinPE”.
This causes RIS to no longer create the computer account (to prevent “AD
clutter”), which OSD is not going to use anyway. When making this change,
the Windows PE image will move from the “images” list to the “Tools” menu,
so you have to have the tools menu enabled via GPO to see it. For more
information on this, see the “Zero Touch Installation Deployment Feature
Team Guide” in the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment
Enterprise Edition (http://www.microsoft.com/desktopdeployment).

I have downloaded the Solution Accelerator that is referenced, and will have a look though the “ZTI” section to see if it is any further help.


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  1. NOTE: The solutions accelerator was no help. ZTI is all about using SMS and Ghost to deploy systems, and really has no notes about using RIS on its own.


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