Unattended 2k3 server setup

Geoff wants to configure Unattended to allow for scripted installed of 2k3 servers.

Our thoughts are to provide a script that will:

  1. Create regular fixed system partition sizes
  2. Install standard system components: Backup, Power, Management, SNMP
  3. What else? Std. local admin password?

??? What about the Dell partition, with Utils??? Is it worth it?

Some discovered resources:
Unattended.txt -> When running the windows setup ‘.exe’ files, you can use a /unattended= argument to use different answer files for different workgroups. The “Setup Manager” tool can be used to generate a “Uniqueness Database File” (UDF) which can be user to define computer names, and apparently to link different answer files to these defined machines as well… I will need to look into how this is done.