Deployment Introduction

I have been working on expanding the features on our Desktop system distribution servers.

Currently, CIT uses a Microsoft RIS on three servers to deploy MS operating systems to computers purchased through the Depot.

One system, “RISPrime”, is installed permanently in the Depot. This system is located at IP and is joined to the production “CAMPUS” Active Directory domain.

Two security groups control access to the RIS server (beyond “authenticated users”, all of whom are allowed access to RIS-boot and pull down disk images).
First, “CIT – Workstation Join” is used to grant rights to populate computer objects into the RIS-Workstations,CIT,Resources,campus,ad,uvm,edu container. These are the users who will be able to auto-generate computer objects when running RIS.
Second, “CIT-RISImageMakers” are granted the rights to add disk images to the “RemInst” share on RISPrime, under the Setup->English->Images folder.

The two remaining RIS systems are not in active use except during back-to-school system deployment and port-deployment help-fairs. These systems each run self-contained Active Directory environments (complete with DHCP and DNS services), and have a separate mirrors of the RISPrime disk images.